1-1 Business Mentoring, Strategy & Accountability for Photographers ready to build a successful  Business!

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • You are struggling to get consistent clients each month, because you are lacking a strategy that suits your business
  • You don't know how to price yourself properly because you don't understand your worth as a photographer
  • You feel overwhelmed with all the different tasks you need to work on in your photography business and are struggling to stay focused
  • You can't seem to figure out how to make your photography business work remote, because you don't know how to find clients in the destinations you want to work from
  • You are struggling with imposter syndrome, never knowing if your photography skills are actually good enough

Trust me, I feel you!

I have struggled with all of the above myself when I started my photography business, but with my background in online marketing I made my dream of running a successful photography business around the world come true! But... it wasn't always like this...

I wasn't born a successful photographer 

I didn’t allow myself to be one, as my limiting beliefs about how I can’t make enough money as a photographer or work remotely were holding me back. I wasn’t born a great marketer either. I didn’t know my value, let alone how I can communicate it to the world.

Now that I have overcome the scarcity mindset and built up a successful, full-time business out of my passion, I realised that most photographers today are still at the stage where I was back then.

They hold the same limiting beliefs and mental obstacles around their skills not being worthy enough to sustain the life that they desperately dream of having.

I feel you. This is a scary decision to make, a bold move to take, and a ballsy outcome to envision. But it’s all so liberating, and oh so fulfilling! How sad would it be to miss what’s waiting for you on the other side.

Is photography your passion? Amazing! But are you living off your passion? Probably not, or you wouldn’t be here. And that’s okay!

If you’d wish the answer to be yes though, this mentorship might be the opportunity you were waiting for!

Let's create your dream photography business!

Are you stuck in your 9 to 5 job and want to quit to live off your photography passion? Are you transitioning from the former to the latter and need that kick to focus on photography only? Are you a full-time photographer already, but the journey so far is not taking you where you expected it and you fail to find clients? Or maybe you do find them, but you don’t know how much to charge them so you end up settling for less? If you’re successful in both, maybe you struggle to find a workflow that suits you and want to be able to travel as a remote photographer?

I see you. All of you. No matter where you stand, this mentorship will approach you exactly there, correct your approach, and lead you along the right path to your dreamed destination. 

I will identify your internal blocks and share with you the exact methods that can help you move past them and well beyond. 

I will teach you how to overcome your internal fears around making photography your full-time business, or upgrade it if you already have one. 

I will remind you of the power of your skills, and wake up the marketer in you so that can use those skills to build the financial and physical freedom that you want.

Why should you choose me as your mentor?

Believe it or not, I have been through all of the stages that I just described. One by one. I learned the hard way and got where I am today after countless errors and trials. This mentorship offer is the symposium of all the things I wished I was taught at the beginning of my journey. 

Before deciding to focus exclusively on my photography business, I was running my own online marketing agency. It burned me out and I wasn’t fulfilled, but it taught me everything I had to know about building an online presence, a strong brand identity, attracting the right audience, and charging my clients accordingly. 

When I’m in my photographer’s shoes, I apply the same rules to myself as I suggest you follow throughout the mentorship. I wouldn’t teach you anything that I haven’t tested on my own business beforehand.

How does the 1-1 Mentoring unfold?

Step 1

Let'S get to know each other

To access the 1-1 Mentoring, I invite you to fill out a form in which you will specify what’s holding you back from being an amazing, fulfilled and fully booked photographer. 

Based on your answers, I will determine if this work can help you and if my teachings are in alignment with your visions and goals. Once we both decide to commit to this exciting journey together, you’ll get some exercises to prepare yourself for our first call.

Step 2

The 1-1 mentoring sessions

In a personalised 90 minutes session we get to the root cause that’s blocking you from pursuing this beautiful work successfully, effortlessly, and even remotely. We identify the main area of focus that you will work on improving, and understand what’s needed from you to get past your pain points and limiting beliefs. 

The number of sessions depends on how much work you need and how fast you progress.

Step 3

Support between and after the mentoring

In between all the sessions, you get exercises to build up clarity, confidence, and the right marketing expertise. I can also help you refine your photography skills so that they match your new brand message.

Needless to say, you get my full support the whole time, whether in form of accountability checks, honest feedback, live questions, or simply words of affirmation. 

Topics covered in the 1-1 Mentoring

Mindset & Goals

Identify your fears, overcome your Imposter Syndrome, get clear with your goals and priorities and start acting on your vision!

Niche & Foundation

Finding your niche, getting clear on your ideal client and audience, telling your story as a photographer, create/up level your portfolio.

Building your Brand

Building an irresistible photography brand, optimising your social media channels, content creation, polishing your brand.

Get fully booked

How to write outreach messages, attracting your soul clients, getting clients while traveling, booking out your photoshoot spots.

Pricing & Sales

Price your offers for profit, learn about your cost of doing business, refine your sales process, learn how to sell with confidence!

Workflow & Clients

Organise your post-production, professional delivery and workflow, client communication, master the art of up-selling and more.

An investment in your business is an investment in yourself and your future!

Living off your passion means waking up every morning feeling ready for work, with a perspective of capturing inspiring people and brands during exciting projects. 

Being confident about your skills means knowing how to attract and convert clients while raising your prices. Not settling for less, but flowing in abundance. 

Building a strong brand image means showcasing your values and business goals clearly so that you get to work with your ideal clients. It means not being afraid to show up authentically, with an open heart and bold vision. 

This 1-1 Mentoring is not just an investment in your photography business. It’s an investment in yourself. An upgrade of your business skills, and an upgrade of your lifestyle as a remote, successful photographer.

Hear what other photographers have to say after the 1-1 Mentoring


Personal Branding Photographer


Having Christina as a coach feels like a privilege. She guided me through the whole process to set up my own photography business. She is open and willing to show and explain her own workflow. I adjusted my workflow for my personal branding shoots according to that and I can tell: it works! I even received many compliments about the way I work. Thanks to Christina! 

William Ishiwata

Transformational Photographer


Christina is very generous with her time and knowledge. She has an amazing intuitive response to unique challenges of international markets. She was able to totally understand and appreciate the unique challenges I was facing in growing my business in Japan and we were able to evolve a process and a plan to make it a success. 

Jessica Chan

Female Empowerment Photographer


Working with Christina has felt like working with a super kind and supportive friend who just has all the best advice and keeps me consistently motivated.

 Thank you so much Christina! :)

Are you ready for results like this?

Mentoring Packages for you

We address a particular issue you’re struggling with as an already established photographer to get you unstuck and move on to the next level of your business. We embark on a beautiful journey into the limiting beliefs and mental blocks that keep you away from reaching your full potential as a full-time photographer.  We dive deep into the creation of your personal brand and desired lifestyle from scratch. Big decisions will be made here, and you’ll learn all the practicalities that they don’t teach you in photography schools.

2 Month mentoring
  • 2 x months support & accountability
  •  6 x 60 minute 1-1 Mentoring calls
  • WhatsApp or Email support Mo-Fr
  • Access to Workbooks & Exercises
  • Recordings of all sessions
Your investment
3333 €
4 Month mentoring
  • 4 x month support & accountability
  • 12 x 60 minute 1-1 Mentoring calls
  • WhatsApp or Email support Mo-Fr
  • Access to Workbooks & Exercises
  • Recordings of all sessions
Your investment
5555 €
6 Month mentoring
  • 6 x month support & accountability
  • 18 x 60 minute 1-1 Mentoring calls
  • WhatsApp or Email support Mo-Fr
  • Access to The Remote Photography Masterclass online course (no calls)
  • Access to Workbooks & Exercises
  • Recordings of all sessions
Your investment
9999 €


Here you can find the most frequent asked questions.

How to determine the number of sessions I would need?

The mentoring with my is very powerful, but it always depends on the person and will be most effective if tailored to your individual situation. If you struggle to determine how much time you would need to awaken your full potential and make significant shifts in your life and business, it’s perfectly normal. For me to help you to my best capacity, I invite you to fill out the discovery form so that I get to know you on a deeper level and craft the most suitable approach to this beautiful journey.

What is the time interval between the sessions?

After we determine the number of sessions you might need to attain your goal and spread your wings, we will also decide on the time interval together. This will depend on the amount of work and integration needed in between the sessions and can be subject to change as we progress through the mentoring. I am here to suggest a slower or faster paste, but you decide the rhythm that feels the best to you.

I know I need your help, but I can’t figure out what exactly is holding me back!

The lack of clarity is also something we can work on, as it might in fact be the thing that’s creating most of the confusion. But to get us started, I’ll give you a set of detailed questions and self-reflection threads. This might already help you understand yourself better, maybe even put words on your biggest fears, as well as your internal or external blocks. Your answers will guide me to personalise the mentoring according to your situation, and we’ll soon know exactly what we need to prioritise and focus on. 

Where are the sessions held?

This mentoring is designed for you to take advantage of my help from any place in the world. To that end, everything is held online. Our calls will be on Zoom, and the material that we will work on will be shared through Google Drive folders. You’ll be able to access this training and all the support you might need from the comfort of your home!

Do I get a recording of the sessions?

As a bonus, all our sessions will be recorded and stored in our Drive, so you can replay them whenever you like, during or after the completion of the mentoring.

Would you rather work through your challenges in a community of like-minded photographers?

Make sure to also check out my 12 month online group program called The Remote Photography Masterclass