A comprehensive online course for photographers ready to attract high-paying soul clients while working from anywhere!

Join me and my supportive community of like-minded photographers on the journey of growing your (remote) photography business, even if you don't know how to get enough clients online, have a small social media following or never worked remote before.

So you can finally fully commit to your photography passion, working with dream clients that are ready to pay your worth - no matter where you are in the world!

Do you dream of waking up every morning, doing what you love?

  • Working on photoshoots with souls clients
  • Traveling the world doing what you love 
  • Spending your day with inspiring people
  • Being able to use your creativity daily
  • Being paid what you’re worth
  • Stop feeling like you need to give away free photoshoots

This dream is possible for you!

No need to have thousands of followers on Instagram, no need for expensive photography equipment & no need to reduce your prices or do photoshoots for free to get your name out!

Imagine living a life where you can work from anywhere you want, capturing incredible people and businesses while making a full-time income from your photography passion!

I know this is possible for you too, because I have achieved it myself!

Hey I am Christina, personal branding photographer, full-time traveler since 2015 and mentor for photographers! After a hard start into my photography business, and lots of learnings along the way I have achieved living the life I have desired for so long! Traveling the world, making a full-time income and doing what I am most passionate about - photography!

Stop waisting another day wondering if you are good enough of a photographer - I know you are!

If you are tired of...

  • attracting clients that aren’t willing to pay your rates
  • pulling your hair out wondering how to find clients online when your social media following is small or non existent
  • people saying they love your work but never commit to booking a photoshoot
  • not earning enough money to buy that new camera and/or lens you want
  • doubting yourself thinking you have to give away free shoots to build your portfolio and reputation
  • always comparing yourself to other photography talents, wondering why they are successful and you are not

What if I told you, living your dream life as a photographer, making consistent 5k+ months while working from anywhere is possible, even if you...

Don't have expensive camera gear

No need to pay a lot of money for your camera equipment, I started out with a beginners camera and made a full-time income! (First make money, then you can buy some new equipment)

Don't have a website

No need to build a fancy website, because I will teach you in simple steps how to set up your own photography portfolio for free instead of a website that takes you months to build!

Don't know how to get high-paying clients

No need to be the best photographer, with the right marketing strategy and tools you will be set up for success and attracting you soul clients in no time!

With a step-by-step program, the right marketing techniques and a mentor by your side, you can build a successful photography business, while working from the most stunning places!

No more...

  • feeling anxious about where the next clients will come from
  • doubting yourself and your skills as a photographer
  • worries about, if your client process is actually working
  • struggling financially and having an empty bank account every end of the month
  • doubting if a successful photography business is actually possible for you

Imagine if you could live wherever you want and make your photography business successful doing what you love!

Earning a full-time income with something you are really excited about doing every day!

Working with people that really connect to you as a person and that inspire you!

Being able to quit your full-time or part-time job and turn your side hustle into your dream business!

Traveling the world, doing what you love while also experiencing new places and cultures!

Having a community of like-minded photographers with similar goals to connect, support and inspire each other!

Being supported by a mentor that has walked this path before you, and is now there to support you every single step of the way!

Hey, I'm Christina! In my first year of running a full-time photography business, I was really struggling...

But let me start from the beginning. In 2015 I made the decision to go on a solo-trip to Australia with a one-way-ticket. After 3 years of being a backpacker, traveling the world and having odd jobs here and there, like being a dishwasher in Australia, working on Festivals in Switzerland and being a waitress in Germany, I was tired of it and looked for a way to work location-independent.

In 2017 I started my first blog, and soaked up all the information out there on how I can make money online. I moved to Chiang Mai in Thailand and started earning money through supporting entrepreneurs in their business. I learned so much that I started my own online marketing agency and build other peoples brands. On the outside, my life seemed perfect I lived in places like Thailand, Bali, Australia and Portugal, running my online marketing agency, and making an amazing income. But something was missing, something that truly full fills me from the inside.

In the beginning of 2019 I was completely burned out, working 50-60 hours a week in co-working spaces, never having time to actually explore the countries I was living in. I took 1,5 months off, re-connecting with myself, understand that I needed to change something in order to feel happy. After working together with a coach I realised, I was holding so many limiting beliefs around making money as a creative, and not being good enough. I desired to live a life of freedom and passion, where I do work that I love and that deeply fulfils me, while working with people who inspire me.

After doing more inner work I finally realised that my true passion I was longing for is -> photography!

In May 2019 I quit all my marketing clients and became a full-time photographer. In my first year of business, I barely survived. I made enough money each month to live, but I wasn't making any profits with my business. I was constantly worried about where my next clients will come from, I had very low prices and was always giving discounts just to make a sale, I didn't even know how to calculate my prices and how much revenue I need to bring in each month to actually make profit.

But then I realised, with my background in marketing I actually had all the business skills I needed, to make my business successful. Everything I learned over the years that I applied to my marketing clients, I started applying to myself! And finally, money was coming in, clients were coming in, I had months booked out in advance, even before coming to a new location! My work got featured in Forbes Magazine, Vice Magazine, and other Publications.

By the end of 2020 after being asked a lot on social media how I made this dream of mine come true, I decided to turn my systems into a step by step online program, and this is how The Remote Photography Masterclass came to life. With the help of some amazing human beings, the course has been running since March 2021 and has helped photographers around the world to make a full-time income, attract soul clients while working from beautiful places around the world! If you would like to make your dream 

come true too, join us inside the Masterclass!

My students & clients have had great success working with me!


Personal Branding Photographer


Having Christina as a coach feels like a privilege. She guided me through the whole process to set up my own photography business. She is open and willing to show and explain her own workflow. I adjusted my workflow for my personal branding shoots according to that and I can tell: it works! I even received many compliments about the way I work. Thanks to Christina! 

William Ishiwata

Transformational Photographer


Christina is very generous with her time and knowledge. She has an amazing intuitive response to unique challenges of international markets. She was able to totally understand and appreciate the unique challenges I was facing in growing my business in Japan and we were able to evolve a process and a plan to make it a success. 

Jessica Chan

Female Empowerment Photographer


Working with Christina has felt like working with a super kind and supportive friend who just has all the best advice and keeps me consistently motivated.

 Thank you so much Christina! :)

To make your dream finally come true, I'd like to personally invite you to join:

- The Remote Photography Masterclass -

A comprehensive online course for photographers ready to attract high-paying soul clients while working from anywhere!

Let me show you what you get inside of the online program

MODULE 1 - The right mindset and nailing your niche

1.1 Find your why & set up your goals for a successful business (workbook)

1.2 Shift your money mindset & stop undercharging

1.3 The importance of niching with endless possibilities (workbook)

1.4. Finding a niche that works in your favourite locations (workbook)

MODULE 2 - Building the foundation for your photography business

2.1. Finding your audience - customer avatar (workbook)

2.2. Telling your story as photographer - what makes you special (workbook)

2.3. Creating a name for yourself & creating a logo

2.4. Building your portfolio website for free

MODULE 3 - Building an irresistible photography brand

3.1. Writing a conversion focused tag line for social media and your website (workbook)

3.2. Creating a converting Instagram account (workbook)

3.3. Creating a converting Facebook Profile

3.4. Content ideas for your photography business (workbook)

MODULE 4 - Get fully booked anywhere

4.1. How to write outreach messages via email that convert (message template)

4.2. Get paying clients through social media (workbook)

4.3. Get more clients through your own referral program

4.4. Use networking to your advantage + show your work on the go

MODULE 5 - Pricing yourself and selling yourself

5.1. The worth of your photography & pricing yourself (workbook)

5.2. Creating a pricing guide using Canva (workbook)

5.3. Creating a Sales process that converts (workbook)

5.4. Following up on clients you didn't close

MODULE 6 -  Make your customers happy + make more money

6.1. Collecting payments, communicating with customers about RAW files

6.2. Post production process using Adobe Bridge, Lightroom & Pic time

6.3. Customer process - let them take off your workload & delivering your work

6.4. Use your already taken photos afterwords and make more money with them

6.5. Get reviews and more clients from past customers

Total value 6,000 Euro

And when you get the course today you also get these bonuses:


You will get access to recordings of real sales calls I have with potential clients, how I sell my packages, how I handle objections and how I lead the sales conversation in an authentic way.


You will receive 2 x photography contracts (personal branding photography and commercial photography) that you can customise for your own needs, and a 30 minute video explaining all the details about the different sections.


You will get access to recordings of real photography conception calls I have with clients who booked a photoshoot with me. I walk them through the concept of the photoshoot, including mood-board, locations, outfits and more! 

Total value 2,000 Euro

Special offer only for participants of the live training!

BONUS: 6 months, 6 experts, 6 live calls for FREE!

Expert in January - Self-worth for photographers & overcoming limiting beliefs

Chanti Calmez– Holistic Coach – @innerblisstravels

We can only attract what we think we are worth and deserve. However a lot of our beliefs are formed in our subconscious mind, shaped by our subconscious beliefs and constant (subconscious) self-talk. In order to transform these beliefs we’ll first find them so we can identify them, to then transform them.

Expert in February - Money Mindset - Overcoming Blockages To Embrace Abundance For Photographers 

Nikki Bartol– Money Mindset Coach – @nikkibartol

Nikki Bartol is a certified CPA Accountant and Money Mindset coach. She helps solopreneurs learn how to consciously spend, attract and manage their money by combining a money mindset approach with practical money management strategies. 

Expert in March - Copywriting for Photographers - Build the business of your dreams by attracting the clients that are dreaming of you

 Paulo Palomo - Copy Writer– @paulap007

Paula Palomo is a CFO turned scuba instructor turned copywriter. She's a big believer in following your passions to build the life you desire and empowering others to do just that. She specialises in helping professionals find their unique written voice to showcase their skills and attract clients longing for the transformation that only you can offer them.

Expert in April - Client-Landing Instagram Strategy & Stories for Photographers

Nicole Riccardo - Marketing Coach & Strategist – @nicolericcardo

Nicole Riccardo is a digital course creator, marketing strategist & coach, and the Founder & President of a digital marketing agency, NR Media. With over 13 years of experience in social media marketing, Nicole has worked with multi-million dollar brands and internationally acclaimed artists. Also a professional flutist, Nicole is passionate about empowering other creatives with the marketing know-how to make a great living just by doing what they love!

Expert in May - Branding strategy for photographers

Tessa Toya - Brand Designer – @tessatoya

Tessa is on a mission to help ambitious business owners translate their personality into unique branding — so they can launch their products and services with confidence. 

Expert in June - This will be a surprise - I have someone special for you!

Surprise Expert

The last expert will be a surprise!

Total value 6,000 Euro

And on top of the self-paced program you also get

A community of like-minded photographers

Building and growing your own photography business can feel lonely, that's why the Masterclass is supporting you with a community of like-minded photographers, that are going through the same challenges as you are. You will feel supported and motivated through the connections you have!

Bi-weekly live Q&A calls with Christina

2 times per month you are invited to join a live Q&A call on zoom together with Christina and all the other student of the Masterclass. Every time we will discuss a different topic and you have the time to ask all your burning questions to Christina directly!

Private Facebook & Whats App group

I want to make sure that you always have a space where you can ask all your burning questions outside of the live calls, where you can get feedback and support through the community. That's why I have created a WA and FB group for communication!

So to recap, when you buy today you get...

The Remote Photography Masterclass that will allow you to grow your full-time photography business, attracting high-paying soul clients while working from anywhere!

The whole self-paced course plus support and community

  • Lifetime access to the self paced online course including 6 value packed modules, workbooks & exercise (value: 6,000 Euro) 
  • Free access to all future course updates (value: priceless)
  • Bi-weekly live Q&A calls with Christina hosted on Zoom - 12 months access (value: 3,500 Euro)
  • Access to recordings of all past and future calls (value: 1,000 Euro)
  • Private Facebook group & WhatsApp group (value: 1,000 Euro)
  • BONUS 1: Library of Christina's recorded sales calls & how to handle objections (value: 500 Euro)
  • BONUS 2: 2 x customisable photography contract templates (value: 1,000 euro)
  • BONUS 3: Photography Conception calls recordings (value: 500 Euro)

Total course value: 13,500 Euro

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Payment Plan

  • Lifetime access to the Masterclass
  • Free course updates
  • Bi-weekly live Q&A calls
  • Access to live call replays
  • Private FB & WA group
  • 3 x bonuses

6 x 277 €

Pay in Full

  • Lifetime access to the Masterclass
  •  Free course updates
  • Bi-weekly live Q&A calls
  • Access to live call replays
  • Private FB & WA group
  • 3 x bonuses

1,555 € (save 287€)

Ready get to your goals faster with Christinas 1-1 Mentoring support?

More information for you on the check out page - limited spots available

Here's what happens when you enroll in the Masterclass

  • 1. You will get immediate access to the pre-recorded online course including the step-by-step video lessons, bonuses and including all workbooks
  • 2. Join the private WhatsApp & Facebook group, for accountability, to ask questions & get support
  • 3. Join to bi-weekly live Q&A sessions run by Christina & connect with other like-minded photographers!

Success Guarantee - What if I don't get results?

All my students joining the Remote Photography Masterclass have had great successes. Of course I can't guarantee success - no one can - but I do believe when you join my course and you are  putting in the work, you will see results. However, if you go through the entire course, implement all of my strategies and attend the live calls, and STILL don’t see any results, I will give you your money back. You will need to reach out within 90 days and show me that you did the work, but got none of the results (see full refund policy here).

Frequently asked Questions

Is this Masterclass only for photographers who want to work remote? Or can I also join if I want to work in one city/country?

I am teaching general marketing and sales principles, that will help you to build a successful photography business wherever you are. If you want to work from one location, and only go once a year on a 2 week trip somewhere, that is totally fine! Through my course, everyone will find out and learn about their own desires of where they want to spend their time and for how long.

Is the Masterclass right for me if I already have a full-time photography business but I want to work remote?

Yes, totally! This is a perfect starting point. I have students in the masterclass who have been full-time photographers for many years and run a successful business, but they finally want to work from other locations. In the course I will teach you how to plan your trips, how to find paying clients before coming to a location, and how to plan your photoshoots!

How long do I have access to the course and the live calls?

You have life-time access to the online course 24/7. This means you can revisit materials at a later date and work in any time zone that suits you. As a Member of the Masterclass you are able to join the live calls for 12 months.

Can I join the Masterclass if I don't have any experience in photography?

You need enough experience with photography to be on a level that you can deliver work to paying clients. This course is created for photographers, who already have some photography experience. It is focused on mindset, the business side of photography and post production workflow. I won't be teaching you how to use your camera or how to use lighting when doing photoshoots.

Will the Masterclass help me to make a full-time income?

Yes, if you go through the course and implement the strategies, calculate your prices the way I teach you, you can easily make a full-time income through photography. Everyone will calculate their prices based on how much income they want to make. For some people this might be 3000 Euro, for others this might be 8000 Euro.


I am so excited to help you building the life of your dreams and support you on your journey of building a successful photography business! I can't wait to see you inside!

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