Empowering, inspiring, and connecting people around the world to be their authentic selves

That’s what I live for. That’s what I’m here to share. That’s why I created Authentic Captures

The Values of Christina & Authentic Captures


The biggest power there is, lies deep in your heart. I’m here to remind you of that, and gently guide you there. Once you taste your own source of life energy, you’ll feel empowered to pursue your projects to your fullest potential. 


Real connection is so rare nowadays. And that’s why I’m longing for it in every capture. This mirror is the reflection of our inner beauty, and offers a safe space for this beauty to blossom and shine.


Most people are afraid of being authentic. This fear of judgment stops them from blessing the world with their gifts. I say fuck that. All of you is beautiful, and in authenticity lies the key to heartfelt connection and true power.


Change is inevitable. Life always happens in cycles. And in every cycle, we have the choice of leaving what no longer serves us behind. Let’s not be afraid of change, but seek it, and shape it so that humanity goes toward progress more than regress.

About my Journey 

I’m originally from Germany, and that’s where I spent most of my life before I decided to follow my soul’s calling and quit everything to travel around the world. 

This breakthrough was back in 2015, and after two years of living among different cultures, beautiful communities, and blessed lands, I founded my first - and only - online marketing agency. This adventure also lasted two years, as by the beginning of 2019 I felt burnt out and not entirely fulfilled. 

The agency brought me tremendous amounts of experience but didn’t answer that initial soul’s calling. So that year while in beautiful Bali I took the decision to make my photography passion a full-time business, and use my experience as a marketer to make that dream come true and sustain my remote lifestyle. 

This set of decisions is what gave birth to the Christina you know today: basking in happiness, living off my mission, and giving it all back to the world. I couldn’t be more grateful.

You can find me sipping coconuts on tropical beaches while editing the photos I took of the most amazing entrepreneurs and leaders, and producing content for my fellow photographers and members of the Authentic Captures Academy from the comfort of my ever-changing home.

Empowering leaders & entrepreneurs to tell their authentic story through powerful shots & deep connection.

I am here to let your confidence shine in front of the camera

Choosing photography as my life mission might seem vague to some people, and I get it. Society doesn’t talk about success in those terms. There is a lot of fear and shame about not fitting in the rat-race corporate world and choosing a life that actually makes us feel alive. But when I take my camera into my hands, and guide people in front of the camera, I feel the most alive and I know it is my super power. Any person I have worked with that they have never felt so comfortable and confident in front of the camera as working together with me.

My gift is to capture emotions that convey strong messages to your audience and the world. How can I do it? By making you feel so comfortable in your own skin and around the camera, that your authenticity will shine through, empowering yourself and everyone around you. 

When you choose to work with me in whatever form, you can be sure that I will dive deep into your story, your values, and the vision you have for your business. Authentic Captures will help you create a clear, consistent, and noticeable brand image that will make you feel fully alive, confident, and empowered while helping you drive sales at the same time!

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How my online marketing skills can help leaders & entrepreneurs

I mentioned my background in online marketing, so let me tell you now how it relates to photography. Marketing is all about selling an image: of yourself, your brand, your products, and the impact you and your work have in the world.

That image can be conveyed mainly through engaging social media posts, websites and smart sales funnels for your online courses and digital products. You can also portray your personal brand with a best-selling book, a world-famous podcast, or a large-scale event.

This is where photography comes into play - both as a skill to capture those amazing leaders and entrepreneurs for the exact support they will use the photos for, and as an asset of high-quality images and portraits for your business.

How my online marketing skills can help photographers

After my success in my photography business I got asked a lot from photographers, how I am able to work remote, while running a full-time business. In the end of 2020 a new project came to life called Authentic Captures Academy - an education hub for photographers that shows how to market yourself as a full-time photographer, how to have an impactful and outstanding business while working from anywhere you desire.

In the Authentic Captures Academy you can find all my knowledge about photography and business packed into my online course, my 1-1 mentoring and my video trainings!

I love making people feel supported & empowered so they can realise their full potential.

Know more about me and everything that I love

Mindfulness & Wellness

The reason I can help so many people is that I always make sure to fill my own cup. Being present with my feelings and understanding how my mind operates helps me build a healthy, happy lifestyle. I do this through the ancient practices of yoga, tantra, and meditation, as well as constantly bringing awareness to what I consume, and feed my body, mind, and soul with. I also make sure to surround myself with mindful people that consider their physical, mental, and spiritual wellness a priority.

Expression & Creativity

As a woman, I love expressing myself through movement, voice, play, art, and things that let my creativity run wild. As you might have guessed, photography is a big one, but it’s certainly not the only one! Authentic expression is at the core of my lifestyle even more so than it is in my business, which simply reflects it in the form of purpose. It helps me embody my values. Feel my clients. Create a workflow that feels natural and yummy. Connect with people on a soulful level.

Nature & Travel

I wouldn’t be able to sustain this healthy, happy lifestyle without feeling grounded. I travel quite a lot for adventure but also for work. I feel the most connected to Earth when I eat organic, nutritious food and spend time in nature. When traveling and going on adventures all around the world, I always seek this connection to source as it gives me the clarity to pursue my mission, and grounds me in the present moment to enjoy the subtle miracles of life. I spend most of my time in tropical climates with beautiful beaches and fresh coconuts.

Community & Mentoring

My work is all about building connections to fuel mutual growth, push each other to be better human beings, and get involved in exciting projects together. I love hosting events for photographers, videographers, and creatives all over the world. Coming together gives us an opportunity to play with our skills and learn from others, as well as explore secret, stunning spots. Those include remote nature gems, as well as outstanding architecture and open spaces decorated with great style.

I would love to connect with you and get to know you! Let's explore the various ways in which Authentic Captures can help you out!