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I am here to Empower, Inspire, and Connect people around the world to be their most authentic selves

I’m originally from Germany, and that’s where I spent most of my life before I decided to follow my soul’s calling and quit everything to travel around the world.

I opened an online marketing agency and ran it for 2 years just to realise my soul was calling for more. I decided to try my luck as a full-time, remote photographer, which turned out to be a success thanks to my previous experience as a marketer and personal brand specialist. It was the best decision I ever took.

My work blends those two seemingly opposite worlds of photography and business. It blends creativity with sales psychology. My strongest personal value that I also pour into my work are empowerment, connection, authenticity, and change.

Today, you can find me sipping coconuts on tropical beaches while editing the photos I took of the most amazing entrepreneurs and leaders, and producing content for my fellow photographers and members of the Authentic Captures Academy from the comfort of my ever-changing home.



Telling your story is the main goal of a portrait. Capturing the emotions, the details, the lights, and the moods is not done by just pressing the shutter. A deep connection, a brave openness, and the freedom to be yourself are essential to translate these moments in time into images that tell your story. When the photographer uses the camera as an extension of her heart, she becomes one with her model. Let's take advantage of this privileged moment to capture your soul authentical



While the composition of the photos is important, it is also essential to understand the captured person and what he or she wants to express through the portrait. From the photoshoot to the editing process, the photographer has to focus on the human being, her feelings, his emotions, their purpose, and the aliveness of their spirit. Christina knows how to adapt to the diversity of faces and personalities that she captures to transmit whatever emerges. Let’s create magic together.

Sneak Peek of my Captures

Enjoy some snippets of my clients’ stories, defining moments, and impactful lessons. I invite you to discover through this little sneak peek my passion, my creations, my projects, and my wonderful encounters. I thank all those who have trusted me and allowed me to capture their most beautiful emotions

Now that you’ve seen their faces, hear them speak. 

Laura Klaus

 Mindset Coach


While just starting to build my business I got the chance to meet and work with Christina. It was super easy to connect with her from the beginning. She's got an incredible sense for people and knows how to set a scene. I felt super comfortable working with her while collecting ideas and figuring out how my personal brand is supposed to look like. Especially during the photoshoot Christina made me feel confident, beautiful and made sure we had a good laugh. I highly recommend her and I am already looking forward to the next time I need my pictures taken. It was so much fun and the pictures are beyond amazing.

Daniel Kogan

Excel Expert & E-learning


The photoshoot with Christina was so much fun! She has the talent to get you into a cheerful state, so you never have to force a smile. It comes out naturally.

The resulting pictures where great and are showing aspects of my personality and interests. When I used the new photos to finally update my website and social media accounts, I got a lot of positive feedback!

I would work with Christina again in a heart beat.

Marie Heintges

Movement & Body Mentor


I’ve booked a photoshoot with Christina to have new photos taken for my website and instagram as a movement and body awareness mentor. Before the shoot I was a little bit worried if the photos would show who I am - my true nature and what values I stand for. Christina brought in ideas that were to the point capturing a perfect variety of scenes showing exactly what I wanted to share as a message through visuals. Who and what I stand for. What made the shooting so special is that I really much felt taken care of during the shoot - that details were important. I felt seen and captured as the person that I am.